Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

A message this week from Sunny and not Elizabeth just because

Watch This!

1 year ago with the best community showing their support for UTL!

Support Our Work!

In 2022 we hosted over 25 community events, conducted 3 research projects, worked on 45 pieces of legislation, and endorsed 23 candidates this election cycle. There’s no shortage of work that needs to be done to ensure that we are represented when it comes to policy making and supporting our companies and workforce. Your donation will ensure that we can continue community building and deliver results in 2023.

The results are live! We could have predicted some of the biggest concerns like inflation and cost of living. #1 concern last year was Air Quality. See what the community has to say in terms of priorities as we head into 2023.


Get these events on your calendar!

Contact Jessica at jessica@utahtechleads.com for information on purchasing tickets or sponsorships. Limited availability.

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