Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse



Whether it’s Whitney or Dolly (don’t @ me, I know), this is your reminder that Valentine’s is next week and you probably haven’t gotten anything. So get on that. 

And speaking of love, we are working our bums off for your vision of Utah’s future. Check out all we are doing by looking over our legislative tracker.



Get these events on your calendar!

February 9th

We meet every Thursday at 3:30 via zoom to explore UTL is doing to promote community priorities at the capitol. You only have to register once and you will be added for the duration. Make sure you click the link below, and if you have any issues that are important to you, email me!

Calling all executives, HR managers, and people in search of a community! Being Black in tech in Utah isn’t always easy, but we can all make it better for our employees and our friends. Come find out how from this dynamic group of experts! J oin Connie Washington, Nikki Walker, Marlon Lindsay, and Camille Nugent as they reconvene and discuss what has and hasn’t changed for them in the past year.


What the Lincoln Network thinks about Big Tech.

Have grass? Not the medical kind. The kind that you meticulously cut to keep up the look of your property? The state might pay you to get rid of it.

Elk + speeding vehicles? WELCOME TO UTAH!

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