Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

and tonight is the niiiiight where two become ooooone


You have told us where you want the state and the community to put their money. Now we are working on $8 million for Computer Science education funding in public schools. Close to another $8 million in other tech priorities. None of that includes the hundreds of millions in state spending to help Utahns with the priorities you’ve said are going to be the most important throughout 2023.

This is what we do. We support what you want, the Utah future that you see. We are builders of relationships and understanding to make sure that our community’s success continues for decades. And with the legislative session beginning today, it’s even more important that our state leaders understand the role we play and the work we do.


Get these events on your calendar!

                                                    January 19th

And so begins our weekly policy meetings. We will meet every Thursday at 3:30 via zoom to explore UTL is doing to promote community priorities at the capitol. You only have to register once and you will be added for the duration. Make sure you click the link below, and if you have any issues that are important to you, email me!

                                                    January 24th

Altitude Lab is excited to open their doors to the public to debut their newest and fastest growing healthcare startups. Join our community of change-makers at Industry in Salt Lake City Utah as we build a healthier future together. 

                                                    January 26th 

Interested in finding out what the heck Utah legislators do? Join us for our Tech Day on the Hill shadow program and reception! You will get a minimum of 2 hours dedicated time with a legislator to find out just exactly what their jobs really are while developing even stronger ties between the tech community and state decision makers!


Do the voucher dance! AZ did it, but should Utah?

What is fiscal conservatism in the craziness of these days?

Apparently we are all struggling to make ends meet!

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