We did it!

News http://utahtechleads.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Utah-Tech-Day-on-the-hill-Reel.mp4 Liz is buried under a mountain of RFAs and committee meetings so, surprise! This is Jessica bringing you your weekly updates. Don’t worry, Liz has authorized me to use excessive sass in her absence. Our Tech Day on the Hill event was an (albeit at times… complicated) success! Thank you to everyone who […]

oh this week has already been a year and it’s only Tuesday

News If you’re at a coworking space and haven’t been completely overwhelmed by people this week, consider yourself lucky. There are over a hundred events happening this week (click here for the list) to celebrate the tech community in Utah. Go, network, make connections, get inspired, maybe even find a new job! Either way, this […]

and tonight is the niiiiight where two become ooooone

News You have told us where you want the state and the community to put their money. Now we are working on $8 million for Computer Science education funding in public schools. Close to another $8 million in other tech priorities. None of that includes the hundreds of millions in state spending to help Utahns […]

We have so many legislators I am a little overwhelmed

News We have 70 – you read that right – 70 legislators who want to spend time with you! So here’s the deal: on January 26th, we are hosting what is essentially a job shadowing where you get matched with one of our participating legislators to hang out, chat, see what they do and explain […]

How to Session

How to Find Your Legislators How to Find the Legislative Schedule How to Navigate the Capitol How to Learn Who’s Who How to Speak to a Bill How to Attend The Session How a Bill Becomes a Law How to Lobby

Have you heard about this?

News A handful of people got together and decided it’s time to highlight all of our local companies. Our industry has grown SO much over the past several years, and so many people are simply unaware of the growth and the opportunity the community brings to the table. So click the button below and check […]

It’s your community, and you’re doing stellar

News What was your favorite gift that you ever got as a kid? Mine was a phone that had a long curly cord. Long enough to stretch to my bedroom where I could then shut the door and have a private conversation (until someone picked up on the other line and listened in). This year […]

Who do you want to sit with?

News We are doing it different this year. Instead of asking you for $5,000 and expecting your basic marketing booth/team in the hopes that a legislator might wander by and say hello, we have decided to actually pair our members with a legislator. 1:1. You get one on one time with a legislator, experiencing their schedules […]

Can you help me build this?

News Anyone else have kids who love legos? Mine is on the verge of teenagedom and went through a brief break, but now likes the ridiculously complicates sets and has started to explore his own designs. Building with him when I don’t have directions can be really difficult for me. My brain works well in […]

Guess who wins the popularity contest in Utah government?

News Gov Cox (and Lt Gov Henderson) are winning the popularity contest when it comes to the tech community. And according to a Deseret News poll, I guess the rest of Utah is pretty satisfied as well. Makes me wonder why we aren’t more satisfied with our other elected officials. These are elected seats, right? […]