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Utah 2022 General Session

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S.B. 59 State Income Tax Rate ReductionThis bill would lower the income tax rate from 4.95% to 4.9%. Enactment of this legislation could decrease revenue to the Education Fund by approximately $78.5 million ongoing beginning in FY2023, offset by ($53.8 million) one-time in the first year.McCaywatchn/apassed
H.B. 60 Vaccine Passport AmendmentsThis bill adds "immunity status" to the section of civil rights law that defines protected classes in Utah discrimination, and bans places of public accomodation (restaurants, retail, etc) to "discriminate on the basis of immunity status".BrooksOpposen/aSenate Rev & Tax
H.B. 105 Reductions to Income TaxThis bill would lower the income tax rate from 4.95% to 4.75%. Enactment of this legislation could decrease revenue to the Education Fund by approximately $320.6 million beginning in FY 2023.Seegmilleropposen/aHouse Rules
H.B. 164 Public Transit FaresThis bill prohibits a large public transit district from charging a fare to a passenger of a public transit service, creating a free transit system within Utah.Briscoewatchn/aHouse Rev & Tax - held
RFAEngineering Initiative - Increase of $7m with a promise of 600 graduatesPetersonsupportsupportExecutive Appropriations, Higher Ed Approps
H.B. 189 Electric Vehicle Charging ModificationsPrevents an HOA from prohibiting charging stations in housingBriscoewatchn/aFailed
H.B. 197 Income Tax Rate ModificationsLowers the income tax rate from 4.95% to 4.5%; has a fiscal note of $700m-$800m per year loss in the education fundAbbottopposen/aHouse Rules
S.B. 117 Utah Antidiscrimination Act AmendmentsAdds language in the Utah Antidiscrimination Act to provide protection for a trait historically associated with race, including certain hairstyles.KitchensupportsupportSenate Business & Labor - held
H.B. 130 Driver License Test AmendmentsAllows for the DMV to translate driving tests into languages other than englishBennionSupportn/aReturned to Senate Rules
H.B. 127 Medical Practice Amendmentsmakes it unprofessional conduct to perform a medically unnecessary puberty inhibition procedure or a sex characteristic-altering procedure on a minorShippOpposen/aReturned to House Rules
H.C.R. 5 Concurrent Resolution Condemning the Undemocratic Government of Venezuelastrongly condemns Nicolás Maduro's regime for its violation of the basic human rights of countless Venezuelans; calls upon the government of Venezuela to reject socialism and restore democracy; supports and stands in solidarity with the people of Venezuela and their fight to achieve freedom and democracy; urges the United States federal government to take substantive action to ensure Maduro's resignation and a peaceful transition to democracy in Venezuela; and encourages Utah schools and higher learning institutions to teach Utah students about these current events and the dangers of socialism and authoritarian regimes.TeuscherSupportn/apassed
H.B. 193 Full-day Kindergartenamends provisions related to scholarship amounts tied to the length of a kindergarten class; amends funding formulas related to kindergarten to reflect a full-day length of kindergarten class; requires local school boards to provide optional full-day kindergarten classes; clarifies that kindergarten remains optional; establishes a repeal date for an optional expanded kindergarten grant program; relocates a requirement for kindergarten entry and exit assessments from the optional expanded kindergarten grant programWaldripSupportn/aSenate 2nd Reading
S.B. 198 Electronic Free Speech Amendmentsrequires social media corporations to, for Utah account holders, provide: clear information about the social media corporation's moderation practices; and notice to the account holder when the social media corporation uses a moderation practice with respect to a Utah account holder's account or post; provides, if a social media corporation violates its terms of use with respect to moderation practices: a mechanism for a Utah account holder to make a complaint to the Division of Consumer Protection (division) and the attorney general; a mechanism for the division to investigate alleged violations; and an enforcement and penalty mechanism for the attorney general if the division refers a violation to the attorney general; creates a restricted account in which to deposit penalties and provides for distributions from the account; and provides for severability if a provision is found to be invalid.McKellOpposen/aSenate 2nd Reading
S.B. 199 Gig Workers Amendmentsestablishes that an on-demand labor contractor is not an employee of a labor marketplace platform company if certain conditions are metJohnsonn/an/aReturned to Senate Rules
S.B. 200 Revisions to Property Taxrequires a business to include the business's NAICS code when filing a signed statement related to the business's taxable personal property; modifies the contents of a property tax notice; directs the State Tax Commission to provide a mandatory training to certain taxing entity elected officials; requires a county assessor to notify a taxpayer when the taxpayer qualifies for an exemption to the signed statement requirement related to the taxpayer's business personal property;Harpern/an/aHouse 3rd Reading
H.B. 243 Regulatory Sandbox Program Amendmentsexpands the regulatory sandbox program administered by the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity by allowing a person who offers an innovative financial or insurance product or service to participate in the program; repeals the regulatory sandbox programs administered by the Department of Commerce and the Department of Insurance;Maloyn/an/aSenate
H.B. 252 Employee Verification Requirementsrequires an employer of 250 or more employees to use the status verification system for a new hire (previously 15 or more employees)Ferryn/an/aPassed
H.B. 275 Vehicle Emissions Reduction Programcreates the Vehicle Emissions Reduction Program Restricted Account; creates the Vehicle Emissions Reduction Program (program) to provide financial assistance to an eligible individual in the purchase of a motor vehicle under certain conditions; establishes eligibility criteria for participation in the program; requires certain local health departments to assist in administering the program; allows the Air Quality Board to make rules for the administration of the program; requires the Division of Air Quality under certain circumstances to conduct a public service campaign; and provides a sunset date for the program, subject to review.Stenquistn/an/aReturned to House Rules
H.B. 280 Cybersecurity Commissionrepeals the Data Security Management Council; creates the Cybersecurity Commission (the commission); directs the appointment of members to the commission; directs the commission to gather information about cybersecurity: vulnerabilities; and best practices; authorizes the commission to share information it gathers with the governor; directs the commission to establish guidelines and best practices with respect to cybersecurity protections; directs the commission to analyze cybersecurity practices in the private and the public sectors; and requires the commission to report annually to the Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Interim Committee.Handyn/an/aSenate 3rd Reading
H.B. 300 Car-sharing Amendmentsexempts motor vehicles shared through a car-sharing business platform from short-term rental taxes if the applicable sales tax was paid upon the purchase of the motor vehicleSpendloven/an/aSenate
H.B. 322 Public Transit Capital Development ModificationsThis bill requires the Department of Transportation to manage and oversee all fixed guideway capital development projects that include state funding.Christoffersonn/an/aSenate 2nd Reading
H.B. 326 State Innovation Amendmentscreates the Utah Innovation Lab (innovation lab) within the Utah System of Higher Education for policy research and development; describes the duties of the innovation lab; requires the innovation lab to submit an annual report to the Utah Board of Higher Education; creates the Strategic Innovation Grant Pilot Program (pilot program) within the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity (GO Utah office), for awarding grants to businesses to implement projects that address air quality or water conservation; requires the (GO Utah office) to consult with the innovation lab, the Division of Air Quality, and the Division of Water Resources in administering the pilot program; describes the requirements for a business entity to receive grant money under the pilot program; requires the (GO Utah office) to make rules and report on the pilot program; establishes a sunset date for the pilot program;Spendloven/an/aSenate Gov Ops
H.B. 335 Blockchain and Digital Innovation Task Forcecreates the Blockchain and Digital Innovation Task Force (the task force); directs the appointment of members to the task force; directs the task force to: develop knowledge and expertise about blockchain and related technologies; and make policy recommendations related to blockchain and related technologies; requires the task force to report annually to the Business and Labor Interim Committee and the Legislative Management CommitteeTeuschern/an/aSenate 2nd Reading
H.B. 354 County Regulatory Amendmentsauthorizes a county of the first or second class to make regulations regarding the discharge of firearms, rockets, powder, or any other dangerous or combustible materials;Handyn/an/aReturned to House Rules
S.B. 135 Income Tax Revenue AmendmentsThis bill: creates the Income Tax Surplus Restricted Account (account); specifies purposes for which revenue deposited into the account may be used; requires the Division of Finance to deposit a certain amount of income tax revenue into the account following a federal tax law change that will likely cause an increase in state income tax revenue; requires the State Tax Commission to report to the Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee and the Division of Finance if a federal tax law change is enacted that will likely cause an increase in state income tax revenue; and requires the Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee to review the State Tax Commission's report and make recommendations to the Legislative ManagementMcCayn/an/aSenate Rev & Tax
S.B. 136 Air Quality Policy AmendmentsThis bill: expands the makeup of the Air Quality Policy Advisory Board; defines terms; requires the Air Quality Policy Advisory Board to oversee a study conducted by the Department of Environmental Quality and make recommendations on a diesel emissions reduction plan framework; provides for reporting; includes a repeal date;Escamillan/an/aHouse Rules
S.B. 178 Electronic Voting Exploratory CommissionThe commission shall: (a) study options to provide more accessibility for voters to vote privately and independently at home; (b) study the potential benefits and challenges of implementing electronic voting in Utah; examine potential security weaknesses threatening the stability and accuracy of electronic voting as well as possible mitigation strategies; and (d) research potential applications of electronic voting as well as policy implications that must be considered if Utah were to adopt electronic voting.Andereggn/an/aReturned to Senate Rules
S.B. 182 Digital Asset Amendmentsestablishes a fee for the provision of custodial services of digital assets; establishes jurisdiction over banks providing custodial services of digital assets; classifies digital assets; describes the requirements for: perfection of digital assets; and financing statements for digital assets; authorizes banks to provide custodial services of digital assets; describes the conditions and terms under which a bank may provide custodial services for a digital asset; establishes the terms under which a person has rights in virtual currency; and describes the conditions required for a person to exercise control of virtual currencyCullimoren/an/aHouse Rules
S.B. 187 Fossil Fuels Tax AmendmentsThis bill imposes a carbon dioxide emissions tax, including: addressing rate and remittance requirements for tax on motor fuel, special fuel, aviation fuel, natural gas, large emitter emissions, and electricity; granting rulemaking authority; and creates restricted accounts in which to deposit carbon emissions tax revenue and provides for the accounts' uses; prohibits a large transit district from charging a fare to a passenger of a public transit service; requires the Department of Environmental Quality to certify carbon emissions by certain taxpayers; creates a refundable state earned income tax credit and provides for apportionment of that tax credit; requires the Division of Finance to reimburse the Education Fund from the Carbon Emissions Revenue Restricted Account for earned income tax credits claimed; eliminates the state sales and use tax on food; eliminates the state sales and use tax on residential fuel and commercial fuel; modifies the formulas for calculating earmarks of sales and use tax revenue to account for the deposit of carbon emissions tax revenue;Kitchenn/an/aSenate Rev & Tax - Held
S.B. 188 Energy Efficiency AmendmentsThis bill directs the Point of the Mountain State Land Authority to research and explore establishing a research center focused on improvement of energy efficiency and air quality; addresses the Clean Fuels and Vehicle Technology Program; expands low-income assistance programs related to customers of an electrical corporation or gas corporation; provides for a sales and use tax exemption related to an electricity storage facility;Cullimoren/an/aHouse Natural Resources

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