Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

Can you help me build this?


Anyone else have kids who love legos? Mine is on the verge of teenagedom and went through a brief break, but now likes the ridiculously complicates sets and has started to explore his own designs. Building with him when I don’t have directions can be really difficult for me. My brain works well in the two extremes – guidelines or completely free. 

Well, right now we’re over 90+ members strong. With a mix of companies and individuals, we can build the best version of Utah – one block at a time. 

Help us hit 100 members before the end of the year! And don’t forget, corporate memberships include ALL of your employees as well as additional collaborations on or around community issues!



Get these events on your calendar!

With all the layoffs that have been happening at our Utah tech companies with increased costs of living, we all wonder how worried we need to be. Join us on January 10th as we bring in our Utah experts so we can have a better understanding of what 2023 will look like.

Interested in finding out what the heck Utah legislators do? Join us for our Tech Day on the Hill Reception!

                                      (sign ups for shadowing legislators coming soon)


Do you like sassy gift guides? Here ya go.

People are straight up hating on the growth we are seeing (some with reason, some without). Now the state is wanting to know how YOU feel!

National inflation is going down, but Utah is slow to follow…

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