I did yoga today so my inner peace feels much more like an inner ache

News If you were wondering, we kicked ass this session. I said it. And I will not censor it. That’s how proud I am of our team and every single one of you for getting involved to protect our community. You can read the report in its entirety here.  But with a 91% success rate […]

2023 Legislative Report

2023 Legislative Report It’s finally here! After surviving what feels like the longest 45 days of our lives, we have made it to the end of the 2023 Utah Legislative Session. Over the session, we tracked a number of bills important to the Utah Tech community. To see what bills and issues we tracked see […]

Did you watch the Last of Us? Because zombies are real

News It’s that time of year, where the Zombies of Utah rear their ugly heads for a second chance at life. I really wish I was kidding. I’m not kidding. Zombie Bills, as they are lovingly called, are pieces of legislation that die in committee or don’t even get a committee hearing, but magically appear […]

wanna play hooky and go sledding?

News Oh the things I would trade to be that person than here at the capitol harassing already exhausted legislators, interns and staff. BUT with only a week and a half of our constitutionally mandated 45 days left, we are here and working on issues that matter to you! Just as head’s up, our Thursday […]

That moment when anti-ESG turns into anti-DEI

News Fun story, the ESG bills have now backslid into the…well…anti-diversity bills in the most peculiar way. Check out our tracker for our summaries, or the links H.B. 451 State Entity Restrictions – sounds pretty insular, right? But if your company has any DEI initiatives, this impacts you. H.B. 449 Financial Services Requirements – collusion […]


News Whether it’s Whitney or Dolly (don’t @ me, I know), this is your reminder that Valentine’s is next week and you probably haven’t gotten anything. So get on that.  And speaking of love, we are working our bums off for your vision of Utah’s future. Check out all we are doing by looking over […]

We did it!

News http://utahtechleads.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Utah-Tech-Day-on-the-hill-Reel.mp4 Liz is buried under a mountain of RFAs and committee meetings so, surprise! This is Jessica bringing you your weekly updates. Don’t worry, Liz has authorized me to use excessive sass in her absence. Our Tech Day on the Hill event was an (albeit at times… complicated) success! Thank you to everyone who […]

oh this week has already been a year and it’s only Tuesday

News If you’re at a coworking space and haven’t been completely overwhelmed by people this week, consider yourself lucky. There are over a hundred events happening this week (click here for the list) to celebrate the tech community in Utah. Go, network, make connections, get inspired, maybe even find a new job! Either way, this […]

and tonight is the niiiiight where two become ooooone

News You have told us where you want the state and the community to put their money. Now we are working on $8 million for Computer Science education funding in public schools. Close to another $8 million in other tech priorities. None of that includes the hundreds of millions in state spending to help Utahns […]

We have so many legislators I am a little overwhelmed

News We have 70 – you read that right – 70 legislators who want to spend time with you! So here’s the deal: on January 26th, we are hosting what is essentially a job shadowing where you get matched with one of our participating legislators to hang out, chat, see what they do and explain […]