It’s News-Day Tuesday

News You know the drill, it’s July, it’s way too hot to be outside, and I think we all need a nap. Personally, I am fending off both the heat and the exhaustion with a large frozen coffee (which I would highly recommend) and I am here to give you your weekly dose of updates […]

Hey you, do you want some news updates?

News According to Utah’s Department of Workforce Services, “a higher percentage of Utah women participate in the labor force than the national average,” with women composing about 44 percent of Utah’s labor force. Despite this strong presence in the workplace, women lack representation in leadership roles. Women account for less than 5 percent of corporate […]

It’s getting hot in here…

News July is coming and it seems she is finally bringing the summer temperatures with her. Goodbye, moderate daytime temperatures and low electricity bills; hello Utah summer. Time to plan your out-of-state vacations to the beach now. Might as well have a good view and a drink in hand when coping with high temperatures. While […]

It’s not the apocalypse yet…

News New York looked dazzling in all its post-apocalyptic smokey glory this week and it makes me want to rewatch Dune. Obviously, the Canadian wildfires are terrible and the issue of air quality is something to take seriously, but also I can make a slightly relevant pop culture reference out of almost anything.  In more […]

Are you ready for June??

News I know, I know, I am late for your weekly check-in… but it was a three-day weekend so I think I deserve a little slack and so do you! Should all work weeks only have 4 days?? I mean I’m a fan but that’s not what this is about. It’s still another busy week as […]

I am the captain now

News You may know me, or you may not, but this is Jessica here giving you your weekly dose of UTL news and updates. Liz is busy doing a bazillion other things so she has entrusted me with the management of our newsletters. I will do my best to continue bringing the sass every week […]

my throat is gravel but I keep on talking anyway 🤷‍♀️

News I’m eating oranges. I am drinking orange juice. I am taking my vitamins. I am exercising. I should be healthy. And yet…I got the whatever spring nonsense is floating around and it’s awful. Sorry for those who I gave it to. But it’s finally sunny outside and honestly, I cannot wait to be in […]

are you absolutely sure you submitted everything correctly?

News Guys, I have everything submitted already and I am still crazy anxious. The IRS terrifies me. I guess that’s just part of owning your own company? Maybe I should add that to the questions in our leadership series! Check out our new series on leadership from UTL members – what it takes and […]