What does tech, RHOSLC, and investors have in common?

News A HUGE thank you to Kat Kennedy and Lisa Barlow for co-hosting our fundraiser yesterday. It’s not every day you get to hang with an incredible investment partner, an RHOSLC superstar, plus all the amazing sponsors and donors that came to support!   Here are the accomplishments that we are most proud of in 2022! […]

Get that nap in and we will see you next week

Watch This! It’s kind of a bland message, I know. But it’s a sneakily huge number. UTL’s endorsed candidates won 83% of their races. 4 of those are completely new positions in state and local government. And with a 90+% win rate for incumbents, that’s a whole lot. But 83% isn’t the end of the […]

A message this week from Sunny and not Elizabeth just because

Watch This! 1 year ago with the best community showing their support for UTL! Support Our Work! In 2022 we hosted over 25 community events, conducted 3 research projects, worked on 45 pieces of legislation, and endorsed 23 candidates this election cycle. There’s no shortage of work that needs to be done to ensure that […]

Statement: Utah Tech Leads Releases Results Of Community Priorities Survey

Media Statement Contact:      Elizabeth Converse, Executive Director                     Utah Tech Leads                     801-835-7087 | elizabeth@utahtechleads.com    Utah Tech Leads Releases Results Of Community Priorities Survey Salt Lake City – Utah Tech Leads, the nonprofit association […]

eeeeeeek! Trent deleted a calendar invite and somehow dis-invited you

News This is probably my fault but I am absolutely blame shifting to Trent. He deleted a thing on his calendar and somehow a BUNCH of people got the event deleted on their calendars too! But our Friendsgiving IS STILL HAPPENING. If you haven’t registered, you can do so here. We are excited to mix, […]

We are so close to being done.

News This is it. The election is next week and most, if not all, of us have our ballots. Some of us have even returned them. You can still go to vote.utah.gov to track your ballot or learn more about election security! Last year it was something like 94% of our community voted. Let’s make […]

staring at your ballot and wondering who the heck all these people are?

News I had 20 races ON THE FRONT PAGE alone. I was floored and I am a committed voter. And I mean committed. It’s already been returned. But here’s the deal: We endorsed some candidates. So scroll down and see if there are any people you think are worth filling in the bubble with blue […]

Okay but if I give you THIS MUCH notice…

News I absolutely love our capitol. It’s one of the most beautiful, grand, and imposing buildings I’ve ever stepped foot in. What happens at the capitol is, however, not nearly as welcoming or positive as the building itself. This most recent session, we joined with the Utah Bankers Association opposing proposed legislation that is punitive […]