Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

Did you miss me??


It’s been a grand total of 8 days, and of course, as you probably noticed, we are still figuring out when you will not only click to open this, but read it too. I know it can be exhausting. My personal inbox is a nightmare of newsletters. But you should know that you might actually miss the snark if you slow your commitment to building our community.

Did you like my little shade throwing there? I’m getting half decent at the whole passive-aggressive thing. But we have THINGS happening! And you are an important part of those things. So tell us what you want here and scroll down AND CLICK to make sure you’re not left out of the awesome. 

It might be worth noting that I am not gonna stop until we get significantly more feedback on future events and activities. So if you’ve thought about clicking, do it. It’s one single solitary lonely question looking for you to fulfill it with any and all feedback you want to give.


Get these events on your calendar!

Do you know why the universal symbol for “be quiet” is a finger over your lips? Pecuz iths fery hald tho speak with somesing ovu yuh fase.

But there’s also a reason we do it – to provide quiet spaces where people can understand what they are consuming – be it literature, a podcast, or an important opinion of a colleague. We shush people not to be rude, but to better our own awareness and insight into what is happening.Find out more about the shush and it’s partner – active listening – through the company building experiences of our experts!

Utah Clean Energy, one of our nonprofit friends, is celebrating their 20th birthday. It’s gonna be a blast! (from a carbon neutral source, of course)

Just a little ICYMI


Microchips are the new “too big to fail” industry. Find out why and how Utah plays a role by clicking that little button below!

Our Congressman says there are solutions and I tend to believe him. He’s one of the good ones.

Okay so I know those storms can be scary but when I see the phrase “flying trampoline” this is not what I think of. My brain gives them actual wings and a desire to escape.

There’s just no way you can look at a butterfly and be angry. So Utah’s rates of anger related incidents should go down soon.

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