Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

Did you watch the Last of Us? Because zombies are real


It’s that time of year, where the Zombies of Utah rear their ugly heads for a second chance at life.

I really wish I was kidding. I’m not kidding.

Zombie Bills, as they are lovingly called, are pieces of legislation that die in committee or don’t even get a committee hearing, but magically appear for a full vote. 

Sometimes it’s good policy that simply wasn’t released in time to go through the full process. More often it is not. 

It’s issues like this that that keep us fighting through the very last minute of the very last day. Check out some of the stuff below for the happier things happening in the community!



Get these events on your calendar!

March 2nd

We meet every Thursday at 3:30 via zoom to explore UTL is doing to promote community priorities at the capitol. You only have to register once and you will be added for the duration. Make sure you click the link below, and if you have any issues that are important to you, email me!

March 4th

TEDxSaltLakeCity is hosting its 11th annual event in the fall of 2023, and speaker applications will open on March 6. Do you have an idea worth spreading on the TEDxSaltLakeCity stage? Learn tricks to make your application stand out in a free workshop coming up Saturday, March 4. You’ll hear from our experienced curation team about:

*our review & selection process criteria

*what we look for that makes a TEDx application strong

*what we tend to skip over in applications

*an overview of the speaker coaching process we provide

*and more!

We’ll host two application workshops with the same content on Saturday, March 4.

One workshop will take place on Zoom at 1 pm. Secure your spot by signing up here

One workshop will take place in person at the Millcreek library at 2 pm. Secure your spot by signing up here

We hope you can join us! 


Moms have become political activists in ways we haven’t seen before. Here’s how and why.

A resolution calling clean power a threat gets a fast track, but another on the hazards of greenhouse gases languishes.

All this snow is awesome, but will State Street flood again?

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