Is this Utah Tech Leads a part of Silicon Slopes?

Utah Tech Leads is a separate entity than Silicon Slopes although the two groups can work together on initiatives as we both support the tech community in Utah.

What are the areas of focus for UTL?

1. Economic growth and innovation

2. Current and future workforce

3. Social and economic mobility

How do you determine which candidates to support?

We have an evaluation process that any candidate is welcome to go through. For more information on that process, please send us an email to info@utahtechleads.com.

Is Utah Tech Leads supporting liberal democrats only?

Utah Tech Leads is a non-partisan organization. We run candidates through a vetting process and can support candidates of all parties as long as the individuals meet our criteria and support our goals.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Since this is a political donation, this is not a tax deductible expense.

Donations to UTL are not tax-deductible.

Can you share the details of how to donate to UTL?

Donations can be made directly on our site at http://utahtechleads.com/ or let us know if you’d like to make an electronic transfer or mail a check.

Will my company name or my name be public when I make the donation?

Any donations made to the UTL are publicly disclosed.

What policies will the UTL support?

The UTL is focused on legislators and candidates that reflect the values of the Utah tech community. All policy issues are handled by Silicon Slopes Commons which is a separate entity. 

Why would donating to Utah Tech Leads be better than me working directly with candidates?

By using the collective power of the tech community, Utah Tech Leads, will ensure a stronger voice and seat at the table when working with our local legislators. Your donation to UTL will ensure that tech is appropriately represented with Utah politics.