Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

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Watch This!

It’s kind of a bland message, I know. But it’s a sneakily huge number. UTL’s endorsed candidates won 83% of their races. 4 of those are completely new positions in state and local government. And with a 90+% win rate for incumbents, that’s a whole lot. But 83% isn’t the end of the story. Our take on what makes our community worthwhile is holistic.


Elections are important. Some this year were won or lost within 20 votes. But elections are not everything. UTL’s motto is protect, preserve and promote. UTL and our industry has done a lot of amazing things this year. Our companies are the driving force behind why Utah’s recovery from the pandemic has been so successful. We drive growth and innovation. We find new ways to solve problems that make people’s lives simpler. 


To some, that sounds silly. To those that use these programs, it not only makes sales easier, but can save lives. We are able to send and preserve records so that people can cure diseases. We are able to build companies that reach every end of the earth – helping solve supply chain issues and getting food to those who would otherwise starve. We are the newest cultural revolution, reminiscent of a Renaissance – a time where people had the space to create and realize their fullest potential. We are the American dream. 


So yeah, that’s hella cheesy. And it’s sometimes hard to remember as we all end up paying more for our homes and worry about the air. It’s even harder to remember while Uncle Sal is drinking a beer on the couch and yelling about how Detroit used to be the best of the best in everything. Sometimes it’s just hard to remember. But as you dig in this week and as you find time for family, look around the table and realize what innovation, what our community, has done to make this day a little easier for all of us.


Here’s your assignment: once you’ve gotten through the stress and the smiles, determine the value. Evaluate, even critically, what more needs to be done. And then assign a number, write a check, or type in your credit card and help out this community. We are a nonprofit. We are a chamber – which is a fancy rich old white man shaking a cane and saying “association”. An association is built to be friendships. Friendships build societies. I would rather build with you.


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