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Sunny Washington

See What Senator Dan McCay Scored…

For as long as I’ve worked at any company or worked with any organization, knowing your NPS (Net Promoter Score) is what we used to understand a customer’s loyalty to your business, product, or experience. It’s typically a quick survey that measures a customer’s satisfaction on a 1-10 scale. Qualtrics does a great job of explaining how it can be tracked and how you can use the information to make improvements. 


As an organization we decided to apply these same business practices to understanding what the NPS is of some of our legislators. I recently reached out to Senator Dan McCay about some new legislation that he sponsored that came into effect. The text response I received was quite curt and he stated that he would not make time to answer the questions. It surprised me because this was the first time that I ever interacted with my Senator.  

 After this experience, it made me wonder what is the NPS of our legislators? If that was my experience with a business, product, or an employee of a company, I would never go back. The problem is that we have to work with our legislators and they need to work with us. So I can’t take my business elsewhere. 

I’ve never been anywhere where we didn’t strive to have a high NPS. Customer satisfaction is what keeps customers coming back and you can’t pay enough for word of mouth marketing when people are glowing about your product or service. I think it may be a bit unrealistic to have legislators receive high NPS scores like Apple or American Express, but I would hope that the legislators that we elect and work with would care about our experience working and communicating with them.

So Utah Tech Leads is measuring using an industry standard to inform and hopefully we can improve the interactions we have with our legislators. We won’t always agree on everything 100%, but can we have civil and respectful interactions because I guarantee that we all have the goal of making Utah a better place.
After collecting hundreds of responses, here’s Senator Dan McCay’s score:

Hint: This is NOT a good score

We are also collecting NPS data for Senator Jake Anderegg and Representative Brady Brammer.

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