Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

Guess who wins the popularity contest in Utah government?


Gov Cox (and Lt Gov Henderson) are winning the popularity contest when it comes to the tech community. And according to a Deseret News poll, I guess the rest of Utah is pretty satisfied as well. Makes me wonder why we aren’t more satisfied with our other elected officials. These are elected seats, right? I’m gonna tell y’all again, your vote matters and getting involved can make a huge difference.


We’re over 90+ members strong now. You can join as a company or as an individual. We need you to help strengthen our voice as we enter into the upcoming legislative session next month. Come hang with us!


By joining, you’ll also have a vote in what issues we get involved in and be able to participate in our monthly community building events. We’ll also do the heavy lifting of what’s happening on Capitol Hill so you can be informed and have the information broken down so you understand the nuance. It’ll be 1000% better that getting all your news from Twitter.


Get these events on your calendar!

With all the layoffs that have been happening at our Utah tech companies with increased costs of living, we all wonder how worried we need to be. Join us on January 10th as we bring in our Utah experts so we can have a better understanding of what 2023 will look like.


Here’s are what employees are saying about their companies. Is your company on this list?

ICYMI our community survey results are out and no surprise that cost of living is the #1 with our tech workers. Find out what made it into the top 5 list.

Do NOT do this to our elected officials. It’s not funny and not worth the fine.

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