Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

I did yoga today so my inner peace feels much more like an inner ache


If you were wondering, we kicked ass this session. I said it. And I will not censor it. That’s how proud I am of our team and every single one of you for getting involved to protect our community. You can read the report in its entirety here.  But with a 91% success rate and tracking over 50 bills, we did a lot.

For less legislative related stuff, keep scrolling and please don’t hold me accountable.


Consider this my biggest apology yet for what happened during our collapse to comeback event. All things considered, no one left. Maybe Sen. Weiler is right and we should have had you enter your state issued ID, had we known what was coming. IYKYK.

But, in case you missed it, you can catch the edited version below. (Thanks to our amazing staff for taking on the duties of ferreting out exact timing of edits, and thus subjecting themselves again to the madness.)


Collapse to Comeback – with Howard Headlee, President of the Utah Bankers Association.

There was a ton of talk about legislation at the state that could have done serious harm to a lot of industry partners, all in the name of screening out “woke” views on investing. We interviewed our State Treasurer Marlo Oaks to find out exactly where he stands on the issue. Watch it below!

Interview with State Treasurer Marlo Oaks on ESG infiltrating investing strategies.


Get these events on your calendar!

March 28th

The recent economic shifts have been felt by everyone, especially in the tech industry. Join us on March 28th at noon as we discuss how to adapt your marketing strategies in the face of economic uncertainty with Broadsheet Communications’ Ben Billingsley.


52 pages of all the details on how Utah is really doing when it comes to our kiddos.

I know we need it. I know it’s good. I also know that the squash seeds on my dining room table are damn near full plants and I miss the sun.

Is Utah bad for women? What can we do?

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