Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

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We did it! We slogged through countless interviews and poured over so many surveys that nothing I write looks correctly spelled anymore. Once that was done our board met and we are here to announce our endorsed candidates for the 2022 election year! Skip down to “Community” to see the first half of our list and click those links to scroll through the candidate websites.

We evaluated candidates based primarily on their views of and willingness to work with our industry. We don’t always have to agree, but we do require a working relationship and a basic understanding of why our companies are concerned about the things they are concerned about. We looked through their responses and asked some hard questions that occasionally made us all uncomfortable, but these are the people we believe we can build the future of Utah with. Don’t sit this one out. Find out if these candidates are running in your area!

Real quick – we are starting a project of opinion polling on legislators. Fill out this one for Senator Dan McCay. It’ll take less than a minute. You can even time it, and yell at me if I am wrong. Not in Saratoga Springs, Draper, Riverton or Bluffdale? Let us know here.


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