Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

I haven’t yet fallen while hanging Halloween decor but there’s no guarantee I won’t


It’s my favorite season. Still warm enough to be outside but cold enough for me at night that I sleep like the dead. This year, it has been made a little spookier by the rumblings we are hearing (and you have likely heard) on the national and local level for what the next legislative session might bring. “Back From The Dead” might end up being the theme of 2023.


We have told you a lot about the things we track and how we help the community, but this time – it’s on you. We are entering our fall fund drive and as a 501c6 we are driven by our members. You get to decide our priorities (of which our survey is NOW live) and what we do to fight for them. You direct our work to what the community needs now, not ten years ago or ten years ahead. If you haven’t already, join us today. Donate to preserving and protecting the best parts of our state  as we build a successful future.

 Every year we ask YOU to determine our community priorities. This survey will just a couple of minutes but means an entire year’s worth of work for the industry. Fill it out super quick and don’t forget to send to your friends and coworkers!

Elections are around the corner so how can we talk politics at work?


Get these events on your calendar!


54% of the people who responded to a DNews poll said they are working exclusively at the office again.

These companies are finding innovative ways to tackle the unique challenges of a global workforce.

What actually happened to our kids education during the dark times?

Is it worth it to contractors to keep doing the work?

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