Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

I mean, if we are in the same building it’s probably worth running into each other


We are spending some time with the peeps over at Silicon Slopes Tech Summit. So, if you’re there and your curious who this ridiculously sassy person who shows up in your inbox each week, come hang out in SUITE 31! Open door, all are welcome. It could be a quiet relaxing space or a raucous jam. It all depends on your vibe. Yeah. I’m putting it on you.

Just in case you missed our hilarious conversation on generational differences at work…



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Heading into colder weather means inversion season and we are…cutting service?

Naturally occurring steps or a mining operation embroiled in drama?

This is a RadioWest broadcast about how animals are smarter than humans. But, tbh, anything with a narwhal gets a ringing endorsement from me.

I mean, we tend to like the guy. Now apparently the world does too!

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