Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

I promise no candidates, just some blood and a little hit of news


Don’t worry! Don’t worry! It’s not mine. And if I startled you or made you gag without a content warning, please for give me. I was having a conversation with some friends about how forensic science is, for the most part, garbage. It keeps getting disproved or dramatically changed and as one friend said – if you ever get arrested, just hire experts to fight the evidence.

I appreciate how said friend mentioned nothing of guilt or innocence. Clearly that’s not a conversation most friends want to discuss. But with pop science so clearly out of the realm of traditional science, and with science being the only way out of this worldwide crap storm we have been in for 2+ years, I want to know what you have discovered or are excited about that works

What science or technology advancements have your seen? What do you think is in our very near future that we should all be a little excited about? Tell us here so we can highlight these advancements. The more information we share, the stronger our community becomes. And who doesn’t like being a curious kitten? (this is a reference and you’ll have to click to find it)



Get these events on your calendar!

Is your company just talking the talk or are they walking the walk? Find out real solutions to employee support with our panel.

Do you know why the universal symbol for “be quiet” is a finger over your lips? Pecuz iths fery hald tho speak with somesing ovu yuh fase.

But there’s also a reason we do it – to provide quiet spaces where people can understand what they are consuming – be it literature, a podcast, or an important opinion of a colleague. We shush people not to be rude, but to better our own awareness and insight into what is happening.Find out more about the shush and it’s partner – active listening – through the company building experiences of our experts!

Utah Clean Energy, one of our nonprofit friends, is celebrating their 20th birthday. It’s gonna be a blast! (from a carbon neutral source, of course)


Lehi gas for $2.38. I don’t know that any more info is necessary.

Wait, we are getting lumped in with the East. Why? Is this actually a good thing?

Utah has the answers if only the rest of the state would listen…

I know where my accent and weird phrases come from. Do you?

I’ll admit it. This made me mad. Was it the right choice? Yes. Was it made with fiscal conservatism in mind? Absolutely not.

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