Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

I’m a file your taxes in January kind of girl but for some reason I still haven’t started yet


I think I saw this on Last Week Tonight (I consume a lot of ridiculous media) about this being the most French thing ever – to continue sipping wine while there is a literal fire burning feet away in protest of raising the retirement age from 62 to 64. I don’t really care what you think about France or the state of retirement in America. I just wanted to share one single thought.

Between the light jackets and the fire, don’t they look warm?

I am excited for the lake to have raised 3 feet. I am excited for the snowpack to be 210% above median. But I am also cold. And I can only imagine that my family isn’t exactly keen on the ever-growing greenhouse I erected in our living room to keep all my plants alive. Plus I am just plain cold. Sweats, wool socks, hoodies, all of it. And I am still cold.

April is a super chill month for us here, and by chill I mean a month of nonstop planning and scheduling and building. We will have a host of events for you next week.



This is def SLC centric, but really all of us visit and are running out of places to try during our food involved meetings.

You gotta scroll a little bit to get the info that the headline states, but 56% of Utahns would like to own a hybrid. The more affordable, the more we adopt!

After initially deciding that there would be no guns allowed at the GOP’s convention, an outcry has now forced their hand to allow them.

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