Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

It might just be me embracing my nerdy side…


I love space. Mostly the idea of it, because the current state of space travel scares the hell out of me (sorry to you readers who work very hard to make it safe for our astronauts). My birthday is July 20th, which, you’ll note, is the date of the moon landing. I grew up watching Star Trek with my grandpa and cousins and staring at the sky wondering what if?

Utah has a long and beloved history with aerospace and defense that I didn’t know my family was a part of UNTIL I MOVED HERE (thanks, mom). It’s a rich beautiful history of innovation, risk taking, and an unshakable belief that we are not limited to what we have around us. It’s beautiful, and something that Utahns and the DoD have not stopped investing in. Check out the awesome stuff happening in Weber here.


NPS Scores


Get these events on your calendar!

Utah Clean Energy, one of our nonprofit friends, is celebrating their 20th birthday. It’s gonna be a blast! (from a carbon neutral source, of course)

Political divide is one thing, but creating a company culture when the generational divide seems as wide as our national politics? That’s a challenge. Find out how to get the best from all of your employees.

Join Representative Jeff Moss and Mayor Troy Walker as we talk about the Point of the Mountain Development – its goals and aspirations and the reality of creating a tech hub on a prison site. Ask questions, get some answers, and meet the people who are making this project happen.


Because NOBODY ever lies to the police. Not ever.


At this point, it’s all in bad taste.

A date has been set but no one is walking down the aisle happily…

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