Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

It’s your community, and you’re doing stellar


What was your favorite gift that you ever got as a kid? Mine was a phone that had a long curly cord. Long enough to stretch to my bedroom where I could then shut the door and have a private conversation (until someone picked up on the other line and listened in).

This year I’m feeling especially grateful for all the support that we’ve received from our community as we launched Utah Tech Leads. From memberships, coming to our events, and just staying engaged, I’m grateful for YOU!

So enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, eat all the great food, and sleep in. When 2023 rolls around, let’s come together with even more passion and energy to make Utah better together!



Get these events on your calendar!

                                                    January 10th  

With all the layoffs that have been happening at our Utah tech companies with increased costs of living, we all wonder how worried we need to be. Join us on January 10th as we bring in our Utah experts so we can have a better understanding of what 2023 will look like.

                                                    January 24th

Altitude Lab is excited to open their doors to the public to debut their newest and fastest growing healthcare startups. Join our community of change-makers at Industry in Salt Lake City Utah as we build a healthier future together. 

                                                  January 26th 

Interested in finding out what the heck Utah legislators do? Join us for our Tech Day on the Hill shadow program and reception! You will get a minimum of 2 hours dedicated time with a legislator to find out just exactly what their jobs really are while developing even stronger ties between the tech community and state decision makers!


Since a dry lake means epic economic collapse for an entire state and the crossroads of the west, the feds have signed into law $$ to figure out what’s going on and how to fix it.

New spending bill means we get mo’ money!! But what does that mean?

Here’s your cuteness injection for the day – that adorable pup in now the “wellness officer” at Farmington PD.

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