Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

Okay but if I give you THIS MUCH notice…


I absolutely love our capitol. It’s one of the most beautiful, grand, and imposing buildings I’ve ever stepped foot in. What happens at the capitol is, however, not nearly as welcoming or positive as the building itself. This most recent session, we joined with the Utah Bankers Association opposing proposed legislation that is punitive to companies that utilize it. 


One legislator called ESGs “bullshit” and another (all of this on the record, mind you) said that I was unhelpful, offensive and disturbing. Sometimes their political beliefs in an overarching enemy determined to change their way of life through investment strategies amazes even me, a former employee. We know the truth, and are working on your behalf to help them understand that Utah is as successful as it is because of our lack of grandstanding, not because of it. 

We do this work to preserve and protect our community. We do this because we understand that our focus needs to be on intentional growth and not the latest political boogeyman. We do this because we all are committed to keeping Utah the best place to live, work and play. That is an enduring commitment, from us to you.


Get these events on your calendar!


Welp, the mudslinging has begun. Everybody plug your ears and eyes until November.

Inflation Sucks. But Utah seems to be doing okay.

Creepy? Sometimes. Useful? Hopefully soon.

It’s fun when my tag lines for the Draper claw and bees can be the same.

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