Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

OMG this is so cool!


Did you know that you can RATE our educational standards? The Utah State School Board allows companies within our industry to rate the real life skills provided to our kids and compare them to the needs of the workforce. Click here to read more or get set up. And keep an eye out for more of our collaboration events with Utah educators and administrators.


Do you want to have a pillow fight? A water war? A strategic long term policy to make our state sustainable and our industry healthy? We can’t do that without you, and yes, this is that plug. It’s one question, and your opinion matters. Send the link to your friends! Send it through you work chat or Slack! Send it as if it were a pillow you were whacking people with with abandon.

NPS Scores


Get these events on your calendar!

Utah Clean Energy, one of our nonprofit friends, is celebrating their 20th birthday. It’s gonna be a blast! (from a carbon neutral source, of course)


How much money can a rich man hoard if a rich man could hoard money?

He’s probably the best ad for hair plugs ever, but Sleepy Joe is doing something you might have an opinion on.

We’ve heard…not good things…

Okay but they actually found it.

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