Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

Oh yeah, we went there. And it was awesome, and you missed it.


NSFW: We did a thing and it made people uncomfortable. How do we know? Because even before the event had been live for a full 24 hours, we were getting feedback about how we were shooting ourselves in the foot from at least a dozen people saying they care. Cool. So if you weren’t gutsy enough to log on, watch it below.

We can keep talking about boundaries and guidelines, but if we aren’t talking about real life experiences, we are missing the entire point. So, here’s what has happened to us and others.

NPS Scores

NPS scores are commonly used in the industry, but rarely used in politics. Instead, we call maybe 400 people who are likely voters who have this weird thing called land lines and then the margins almost always dramatically confuse the issue. But now you can rate him here. Or give us your zip code here so we can make sure you rate the people who rep you.


Get these events on your calendar!

Utah Clean Energy, one of our nonprofit friends, is celebrating their 20th birthday. It’s gonna be a blast! (from a carbon neutral source, of course)

Do you know why the universal symbol for “be quiet” is a finger over your lips? Pecuz iths fery hald tho speak with somesing ovu yuh fase.

But there’s also a reason we do it – to provide quiet spaces where people can understand what they are consuming – be it literature, a podcast, or an important opinion of a colleague. We shush people not to be rude, but to better our own awareness and insight into what is happening.Find out more about the shush and it’s partner – active listening – through the company building experiences of our experts!


It’s almost like people had no idea what was happening with their data…

It was way weird to come out of the mountains and find out the sky was falling.

Has anyone ever told you not to pee upstream? There’s a good reason for it. But we may not be following that advice.

Am I allowed to say “no shit” on here? I feel like if you’ve made it this far, you’re ready to hear it. But yet another study found that specific demographics don’t vote. No shit.

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