Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

sometimes i feel like i am running a mile a minute until i realize my body would break if i were that fast


Can you pick me out in that pic? Probs not because I am not there. I have run a single 5k in my entire life and I was the 3rd fastest in my age group – a group of 3 people. Breakneck speed is not what I need to run at, but it is what our government sometimes does when considering specific issues that you care about. 


This week alone our Federalism Commission is discussing the cost of decarbonization while others are talking weed governance. Did you know we have a “Digital Wellness, Citizenship, and Safe Technology” Commission? Then, of course, the traditional committees like Natural Resources who is trying to solve our water problem while discussing what the state should do with Provo Canyon. Our committee on taxation and public education haven’t even listed what they’re talking about (they’re only required 24 hours advance on those). So that will of course be interesting. And then all the rest of what WE are doing below!


Get these events on your calendar!


 Every year we ask YOU to determine our community priorities. This survey will just a couple of minutes but means an entire year’s worth of work for the industry. Fill it out super quick and don’t forget to send to your friends and coworkers!

We are a year away from being within 50 miles to a charging station for electric vehicles…

Utah ranked 41st in mental health across the country.

Jokes that are a bit too expensive for my taste end up in dueling positive billboards…

“Nudes Not Welcome” in St. George after a Utah Tech student is forced to remove her artwork at a gallery…

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