Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

staring at your ballot and wondering who the heck all these people are?


I had 20 races ON THE FRONT PAGE alone. I was floored and I am a committed voter. And I mean committed. It’s already been returned. But here’s the deal: We endorsed some candidates. So scroll down and see if there are any people you think are worth filling in the bubble with blue or black ink. One day, we will vote in jelly rollers. Not today.


Not in Salt Lake? For some reason the program won’t let me add videos that are less than a minute long. so you can click here for Davis and Weber counties and here for Utah county!


Get these events on your calendar!


 Every year we ask YOU to determine our community priorities. This survey will just a couple of minutes but means an entire year’s worth of work for the industry. Fill it out super quick and don’t forget to send to your friends and coworkers!

Some of the largest companies in the world are laying off employees. How will that make waves here at home?

This is Stephen Richer. He’s a Republican. He’s also the elections official for Maricopa County in Arizona and he’s already getting death threats.

These people are my Halloween heroes.

I want to make a joke about first winter but I know if I do I will jinx us and we will never have nice weather again.

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