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Many of the tech businesses in Utah have been fortunate to be a part of our pro-business community. However, every year members of the Utah State Legislature propose hundreds of bills that could potentially impact tech businesses.

Whether or not you have government relations internally, it is difficult to keep track of the hundreds of bills that are presented every session.These range from taxation, content moderation, HR practices, workforce, digital assets, financial, and education.

UTL is your resource to stay informed, engaged and involved in this process

Our Services

Informing members of proposed regulations that impact your specific business.

Proactive connections between members and legislators to provide input and guidance on legislation that protects their business interests.

Work with you to propose state legislation that you may need to fulfill business objectives.

Provide resources to form a coalition of like-interested businesses to strengthen input and influence with lawmakers.

Monthly events and panels to better understand the local regulatory landscape.


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Demystifying the Legislative Process

Over 900 bills were presented in the 2022 legislative session. Find out what we’re tracking based on our member’s requests.

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May Online Event

Last October we sent out a survey asking you “do you believe your vote matters in Utah”. 

Over 50% of you said “no”. That’s shocking.

We want to hear from you. What are your issues? Why do you believe your vote doesn’t matter? We’ll also share our perspective on the most effective way the tech community can come together and ensure that we’re represented and our voices are heard.

Don’t miss this opportunity to share your perspective and learn about the nuances when it comes to the Utah political landscape.


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