Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

wanna play hooky and go sledding?


Oh the things I would trade to be that person than here at the capitol harassing already exhausted legislators, interns and staff. BUT with only a week and a half of our constitutionally mandated 45 days left, we are here and working on issues that matter to you!

Just as head’s up, our Thursday policy calls are open and not limited to policy people. You might get tagged as that in my system, but it is not a prerequisite for attending and voicing your opinions. And tbh, I need more of you who might disagree with me and my analysis. It’s not nearly as interesting when I am the only one talking.



Get these events on your calendar!

February 23rd

We meet every Thursday at 3:30 via zoom to explore UTL is doing to promote community priorities at the capitol. You only have to register once and you will be added for the duration. Make sure you click the link below, and if you have any issues that are important to you, email me!

February 23rd

Calling all executives, HR managers, and people in search of a community! Being Black in tech in Utah isn’t always easy, but we can all make it better for our employees and our friends. Come find out how from this dynamic group of experts! Join Connie Washington, Nikki Walker, Marlon Lindsay, and Camille Nugent as they reconvene and discuss what has and hasn’t changed for them in the past year.


This is my spouse and our doggos getting around the city today. It’s fun to see them this excited.

Real Talk, as a very well read and very heavily involved person in politics, I had never heard of the John Birch Society before moving to Utah. Now it’s in every other sentence.

I mean, would it even be the legislative session in Utah without a fight about quarries, local control, and air quality?

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