Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

We are so close to being done.


This is it. The election is next week and most, if not all, of us have our ballots. Some of us have even returned them. You can still go to vote.utah.gov to track your ballot or learn more about election security! Last year it was something like 94% of our community voted. Let’s make that even greater, and show our support to those Utahns directly shaping the future of our state.



Get these events on your calendar!


 Every year we ask YOU to determine our community priorities. This survey will just a couple of minutes but means an entire year’s worth of work for the industry. Fill it out super quick and don’t forget to send to your friends and coworkers!

Utah has crazy rates of autism and sensory disorders, plus food allergies. Learn more about what some homes are doing about it here.

People are still deeply divided about Utah lake but the project is pushing forward regardless.

Utah Tech leads the way in the best-in-state for places to work, shouting out MarketDial and Zonos!

Last time it was the difference of 88 votes. This time it’s a new district and a new showdown.

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