Jessica Brunt

Jessica Brunt

We did it!


Liz is buried under a mountain of RFAs and committee meetings so, surprise! This is Jessica bringing you your weekly updates. Don’t worry, Liz has authorized me to use excessive sass in her absence.

Our Tech Day on the Hill event was an (albeit at times… complicated) success! Thank you to everyone who participated, community members and legislators alike. Our members spent the day connecting with our state legislators and forming personal connections. Despite the attempts made by some legislators to make themselves scarce (you know who you are), we succeeded in helping our community members make personal connections with our state government. Watch the video above to see how it went!


Get these events on your calendar!

                                                    January 26th

And so begins our weekly policy meetings. We will meet every Thursday at 3:30 via zoom to explore UTL is doing to promote community priorities at the capitol. You only have to register once and you will be added for the duration. Make sure you click the link below, and if you have any issues that are important to you, email me!


Didn’t we already do this? This legislative session is starting to feel like the world’s worst time loop.

The Queen of clean has changed her tune. This might not seem like news but I swear she had more influence than the Pope.

Am I the only person in Utah who didn’t realize this was a thing?

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