Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

We have so many legislators I am a little overwhelmed


We have 70 – you read that right – 70 legislators who want to spend time with you! So here’s the deal: on January 26th, we are hosting what is essentially a job shadowing where you get matched with one of our participating legislators to hang out, chat, see what they do and explain what you do on a one to one level. Depending on the times you might be on the floor for official votes or even in committee hearings with them. It’s a really fantastic opportunity to build relationships with lawmakers and demystify a lot of what tech in Utah really is.

There will be shifts (so if a morning or afternoon works best for you, you can let me know) but you have to sign up now! We only have 20 spots left for this awesome experience!


Get these events on your calendar!

                                                    January 24th

Altitude Lab is excited to open their doors to the public to debut their newest and fastest growing healthcare startups. Join our community of change-makers at Industry in Salt Lake City Utah as we build a healthier future together. 

                                                    January 26th 

Interested in finding out what the heck Utah legislators do? Join us for our Tech Day on the Hill shadow program and reception! You will get a minimum of 2 hours dedicated time with a legislator to find out just exactly what their jobs really are while developing even stronger ties between the tech community and state decision makers!


Shoutout to our peeps in the Southernmost tech hub in the state!

Remember the drama of outdoor retailers leaving Utah? The “good riddance” attitude? Well, they’re back. You can find out why below.

I know it’s a serious issue but the fact that it’s called “gas station heroin” obvi is why I included it in this roundup.

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