Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

What does tech, RHOSLC, and investors have in common?


A HUGE thank you to Kat Kennedy and Lisa Barlow for co-hosting our fundraiser yesterday. It’s not every day you get to hang with an incredible investment partner, an RHOSLC superstar, plus all the amazing sponsors and donors that came to support!


Here are the accomplishments that we are most proud of in 2022!

  • Nearly 90 new members joined UTL in 2022.
  • 85% success rate with bills that we worked on to ensure a successful tech ecosystem.
  • Endorsed 23 candidates with 83% win rate.
  • 25 community events that covered education, diversity, and industry trends with over 1000 attendees.
  • 4 research surveys on community priorities.
  • And a partridge in a pear tree….

We need your support in 2023 to continue the amazing momentum we’ve had.

Here’s how you can help!


Get these events on your calendar!

Join us in toasting this holiday season with fellow ShePlace members and hear brief remarks from the leaders of the following community organizations that joined the platform this past year: Women Who Succeed, Park City Women’s Giving Fund, Women’s Leadership Institute, and Womenpreneurs!


How much money are the Utah Realtors giving to our legislators?

In Utah, companies have the BEST chance of achieving unicorn status. What does that mean for the economy?

Spending on campaign races in Utah is at an all time high. How effective are $$’s when it comes to votes?

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