Elizabeth Converse

Elizabeth Converse

Whatchya doin’ after work today?


Creating tech hubs doesn’t happen without thoughtful collaboration. So come hear the plans for the development at Point of the Mountain, ask some questions, grab some snacks and chat with people about the strategies for making Utah’s tech industry sustainable long term! Plus you get to hang out with Sunny and I. And we are fantastic.

But also, it’s interim week. And that means the super fun job of trying to explain everything that is wrong with “simple” bills. So take a look at this extremely short proposed legislation and let us know how it will impact you, your company, and your investments.


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I have no shame about this. And I am also not well informed. But the thought that they are once again studying Utah to prepare for life on a different planet is awesome.

This might be a sign that your employees are facing massive burnout. 

ICYMI: Maybe you shouldn’t issue non-legal legal opinions until you can spell your own name correctly on your letterhead? Just a thought.

The headline says it all: Utah’s AG joins fight over docs seized at Trump’s Florida home

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